This “meal service” lets you order ahead in exchange for rewards (via a points system where 100 points is approximately $1) with no extra charges attached. Additionally, co-workers who have also signed up will be given the option to “piggyback” aka have you pick up their orders along with yours in return for even more bonus points.

Ritual offers many rewards which center around trying new restaurants and inviting friends/coworkers/favorite lunch spots to join the app as either a consumer or provider. The initial signup reward (with referral code ALEX69508) is $10 split between your first two orders. Subsequent rewards may include an additional $5 credit (restaurant-dependent, and only for your first order from that restaurant), bonus points upon ordering (referred to Earn+), or trades such as 100 points for $1.79 off your entree (which are again restaurant dependent and only for the first order)

If you make 8+ orders in a single month, you will unlock Ritual’s elite status and automatically receive 15 points per every $1 spent (up from the normal 15 points per $1) on regular purchases in the Ritual app for the rest of the month, and for the following month. Ritual Elite members also get early access to restaurants that are new to Ritual (Ritual FirstTaste Partners), where you will receive 5x the points on all orders at select locations, bonus points, and Ritual exclusives such as secret menus, member-only events, and more.

P.S. I’ve only started using this app in January of 2019 and will be updating this post as necessary. So far, so good!

Editors Note: For those interested in this kind of thing, Ritual collects a nominal 10% fee from restaurants in exchange for their inclusion on their app. This fee can be waived/reduced if the two can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Additionally, Ritual likely sells location and meal preference data in some form or another and have come under recent scrutiny for their lack of in-app security and divulging of information.

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